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Zephys is a very powerful theme with plenty of amazing elements

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At the nexus of vision and expertise, three distinguished professionals converged with a shared aspiration: to redefine modern living for empty nesters in Florida. Our story isn’t just about brick and mortar; it’s about crafting an enriched, intuitive lifestyle experience.

Our triad brings a collective experience spanning nearly a century. Anchoring our foundation, the maestro of architecture brings an acute eye for classic design, ensuring homes that breathe life and exude elegance. Marrying form with function, our designs are tailored for those who seek expansive and open floor plans that resonate with their life’s chapter.

Our business pro, with an astute acumen for market dynamics and real estate trends and needs, confirms that our designs don’t merely look good on paper, but are profoundly attuned to the practical needs and aspirations of our valued clientele. Every blueprint is conceived with an understanding of lifestyle preferences, financial considerations, and future-proofing needs.

Complementing this synergy is our real estate law expert. Her depth of knowledge in both real estate development and law ensures that our projects are not just innovative, but stand firm on the bedrock of legality, quality, and sustainability.

Central to our ethos is the governing principle that a home should be a sanctuary. Recognizing the unique climatic challenges Florida presents, our designs champion energy efficiency, hurricane resilience, and climate adaptability. But we go beyond the elemental. In an age driven by technology, we infuse our homes with smart solutions, ensuring convenience, security, and a touch of modernity.

Join us on a journey where every corner we design, every brick we lay, is a testament to quality living. Where every home is not just a dwelling, but a lifestyle statement.

Our Team

Sean Dorosinski


Sean S. Dorosinski, AAIA, is a Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) and New Urbanist. As a studied practitioner of Traditional Design and the classical canons…

Nancy Beth Goren


Nancy Beth Goren, Esq. is a business and real estate attorney who represents local, national and international clients with business or real estate interests in…

Ursula Amon


Ursula Amon is a multifaceted real estate professional and consultant with a robust portfolio that spans various sectors within the industry. Holding an MBA with…

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