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Nancy Beth Goren

Nancy Beth Goren, Esq. is a business and real estate attorney who represents local, national and international clients with business or real estate interests in Florida.
Nancy has practiced law since 1990, when she graduated from University of Maryland School of Law and was admitted to practice law in Maryland. She has practiced in Florida since 1991. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in historic preservation.

For many years, Nancy served as in-house counsel to various companies, including real estate developers and investors, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and construction companies. She functions in a similar role for all her clients, which means that she understands her clients’ industries and business practices and educates them so that they can make business decisions. Nancy’s in-house counsel approach means that, unlike in a traditional law firm, she is an integral part of her clients’ businesses.

Specific representative matters include purchase and sale of business (sales of assets and of ownership interests); business financing; private lender representation; residential and commercial property acquisition and development; real estate investment; resolution of complex real estate matters; corporate compliance; employment and third party agreements and documents; and commercial leases.

Real Estate Law

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