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Ursula Amon

Ursula Amon is a multifaceted real estate professional and consultant with a robust portfolio that spans various sectors within the industry.

Holding an MBA with a focus on real estate and business development, Ursula brings a wealth of knowledge and a strategic approach to AG Collins, a boutique brokerage in Volusia County.

As a Commercial Realtor, Ursula excels in brokering significant real estate transactions and business opportunities, leveraging her deep understanding of market trends and her extensive network of professionals. Her expertise is not just limited to commercial properties; Ursula is also a seasoned developer. She has a proven track record in delivering high-quality residential home sites, multifamily complexes, condos, and mixed-use properties across Central Florida. Her projects are known for their thoughtful design, sustainability, and community impact.

Beyond real estate, Ursula’s skill set extends into the digital realm. As a digital marketer, she crafts compelling online campaigns that enhance property visibility and attract potential buyers. Her innovative techniques in digital marketing ensure that each project receives maximum exposure across various digital platforms. In addition, Ursula’s insight into artificial intelligence transforms her approach to market analysis and prediction, offering her clients cutting-edge AI consulting services.

This unique combination of skills allows her to provide comprehensive advice on integrating AI with real estate strategies to optimize operations and increase profitability. Ursula’s approach is client-centered, focusing on providing personalized service that aligns with her clients’ goals. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or develop, Ursula Amon is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations through her dedication, innovation, and industry expertise.


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